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Texin offers a Graphics design services for packaging bags and labels to bring your imagination into reality. With a talented team, we have endless ideas to invent new "ideas" and turn all of them into beautiful & decorative packagings and labels. From custom packagings bags to labels, let us design the perfect packagings for your product. It is easy to creat a professional design that fits with your product’s features and company’s image. You can contact with our in-house graphic artists to get a brain storm and tell them your expectations.

Our Design Workflow:

The following is the steps for a perfect design.

●Our customers send in artworks/designs/the container sample(bottle, can, flask, etc.) or a drawing of our customers' container.
●A printing template with all specifications is sent for customers confirmation.
●Our graphic designer will make out the artworks and send a PDF copy to our customers. ●If the customer is satisfied with the design(color matches, layouts, ...), we will prepare pre-press and send the printed proof to our customer.
●The printing starts with with a customer approved color proof.

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