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Packaging Helps Building Brands
Texin offers quality packagings to light up your brands and enhance brand buildings. You have your best packagings here. Packaging makes a difference!+Read More

Creative Labels - Better Ideas For Packaging
Looking for eye-catching custom label? We creat better packaging ideas with labes & stickers beyond your expectations, maximizing shelf exposure.+Read More

To discover something new or special for you, you surely find one to catch your eyes and fit your urgent needs of packaging. Enjoy it! +Read More

Who We Are

Texin is a leading packaging supplier supplying different packaging solutions, packaging bags, shrink sleeve, labels and graphic design. We offer one-stop flexible packaging solutions for your brands to strengthen brand images. We combine manufacturing and designing together, which makes us more closely to our customers. We are exporting our services of packaging solution to all over the world. We have built up a solid reputation on packaging. Welcome to know more about us, and you surely find something in your need!