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Pallet Prevents Damage On Roll Stock During Transportation

For a long trip of transportation, ways of packing play an important role to avoid getting damaged on goods. Indeed plastic flexible packaging is so flexible that the packaging itself cannot get damaged easily. It is soft and doesn’t take up much space compared to other packaging supplies such as bottles, containers, etc. It just prevents destroy naturally.

However, for another form of flexible packaging, roll stock, how to pack it well needs some considerations. Different from the finished plastic pouch, it is on roll form and hard which makes it easily get damaged if the packing is not done in a proper way. The core of the rolls may be crush and all the rolls cannot get into the filling machine. Besides, the whole roll may be transformed being a wrong placement.

Texin makes pallet for roll stock packing besides the cartons. There are usually 36 cartons per pallet, and one rolls per cartons. We also put two plastic hollow butts into both ends of the core that will help a lot to avoid core transformation. After stacking all 36 cartons on the pallet, 4 pieces of hard cardboard corner will be getting their way on the 4 corners to get the packing reinforced. Finally the whole pallet will be wrapped all over by a cling film for further enforcement.

In this way of packing, it provides easy unloading as well as excellent protection to minimize the possibility of damage.

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