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Tamper Evident Seal Becomes The Favorite For Adult Lubricant

If asking for a kind of thing that combines labeling and anti-burglary together, Tamper Evident Seal is the best solution.

Lubricant Producers are now trying to put their products inside of tamper evident as well as making it a brilliant label. Usually the lubricant container is a kind of pump bottle, with a cap to open on the top. As to realize the anti-burglary purpose, they have to find a way wrap the cap together with the bottle body and then make it easy open when consumers use it.

As to solve this problem, we invent a ‘T’ perforation to make it practical. The T perforation with a horizontal perforation along the cap bottom, and two vertical perforations from the top of cap to the horizontal. In this way, the whole bottle is wrapped with the shrink sleeve, and then with the perforation, consumers can easily open it without any assistance of kit.

“It not only provides tamper evident, but also labeling. Under the cap bottom, it is a brilliant label area that we can present all the information to our consumers which makes the products so attractive on shelf. We like this label very much“. The lubricant distributor said.

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